In one of a campsites of a foreign housing company, that was working in Libya before the Libyan revolution that overthrown Gadhafi regime in 2011, exactly in the airport road area in the capital Tripoli, a camp called “airport road camp”. It is one of five Tawerghans refugee camps, where there are about 3,000 refugees, from different ages, with a majority of children and elderly, and an absolute absence of young men which is clearly due to chasing, detention, and killing for the last four years.
After you exit the main airport roadway, you need to drive into secondary rough road for a while before you can see the miserable camp, isolated and separated as if it is on another planet, it really gives you a clear picture about how things turned to in Libya after the revolution, the camp contain few houses and some facilities which meant to be a temporary accommodation for laborers not families, mixed with some randomized extensions made by the refugees themselves in attempt to find some privacy, but it is actually more like a man who shields himself with a spider's home.
The most painful thing, is the conditions of the children and the elderly, they are paying for something they did not commit, “that's if we did not raise any legal questions and we assumed that all Tawerghan men committed shameful crimes”, they are isolated with no communications with the outside world, accept with some individuals who are trying to help by providing some material aid, and there is nothing prevented them from continuing to do so, even though what they proved sometimes is more than their abilities as individuals.

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