Prophet Mohamed celebration 

 for tens of years ago every year in the Prophet Mohamed birthday celebration was taken place all over Libyan cities the Libyan were gathering in the mosques and the Quran schools in the morning of that birthday to read Quran and devoted to the remembrance of God, and religious songs
In the aftermath of the 2011 Libyan Civil War, several Sufi religious sites in Libya were deliberately destroyed or damaged. In the weeks leading up to September 2012, "armed groups motivated by their religious views" attacked Sufi religious sites across the country, "destroying several mosques and tombs of Sufi religious leaders and scholars". Perpetrators were described as "groups that have a strict Islamic ideology where they believe that graves and shrines must be desecrated.
2014 was the last year the the Libyan Sufi in Tripoli did the prophet birthday celebration in the old city of Tripoli and another location around Tripoli and this photo was from the day.

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